Reasons That Your Doctor May Refer You For An Ultrasound Appointment

Many people associate having an ultrasound appointment with being pregnant, and with good reason. When you're expecting a child, you'll attend several appointments with an ultrasound technician to see images of the baby growing. However, being pregnant isn't the only reason that people visit the ultrasound clinic. Your doctor might refer you to this medical practitioner for a long list of reasons. Typically, you'll schedule a visit at an ultrasound clinic, which may be in the same medical building as your family doctor. Read More 

What To Expect During Treatment For Nonmelanoma Skin Cancer

Nonmelanoma skin cancer is very common in the United States, and when it is caught early it is typically easy to treat. The purpose of skin cancer treatment is to remove the cancerous tumor and cancer cells and to also prevent the cancer from spreading to other areas of the body, such as the lymph nodes. If you have been informed that you have nonmelanoma skin cancer, continue reading to learn what to expect from different treatment options: Read More 

Why Employers Should Get Their Employees Eye Exams

Employers want their employees to avoid injuries for a variety of reasons. First of all, many care about the health and well-being of their employees. Others are worried about the possibility of injuries could cause a lawsuit. Few understand how poor vision can contribute to injuries and cost them money. Most of them could simply be avoided by getting an eye exam for employees. Employees May Sue An Employer After An Injury Caused By Poor Vision Read More 

Feeling Tired And Exhausted? 4 Treatable Illness That May Be Causing It

Everyone feels tired from time to time. However, you shouldn't feel tired all the time. If you're battling symptoms of fatigue, exhaustion, lack of motivation, etc., your doctor wants to know about it. Don't worry that you're overreacting or complaining. Your doctor needs to know about all of your symptoms in order to diagnose you accurately. There are multiple illnesses that may be causing your symptoms, including depression, anemia, hypothyroidism, and heart disease. Read More 

When It’s Not The Change: 4 Diseases That Can Be Similar To Menopause

As women get older, they are bombarded with stories from older women about the change and the aggravating symptoms that showed up years before their doctor said they were in menopause. Because of these stories, many women ignore symptoms, such as weight gain, light periods, depression, insomnia, and more, simply because they attribute them to getting older. Unfortunately, though, many women are sick and don't realize it. Numerous disorders and diseases can mimic menopause. Read More