Got Shin Splints? A Clinic Can Help

Many things can interrupt your daily run, but you might not have expected shin splints to be today's reason. Shin splints can be painful and stop you in your tracks. In fact, the discomfort can become so intense that it brings you to the walk-in clinic.

Are you laid up with potential shin splints? Here's what you should know before your walk-in clinic appointment.

First, Understand Shin Splints

Shin splints are a condition that results from excess stress put on the muscles on the front of the leg. Your doctor may refer to the condition as medial tibial stress syndrome, as the muscles attached to the tibia become significantly inflamed and cause pain.

Many people experience shin splints without actually realizing that this is what they are dealing with. Shin splints can be sneaky, and you may find that the pain is localized to one shin or one part of the shin. Regardless of where you experience pain, you should visit the clinic for an accurate diagnosis to ensure it does not get worse.

Know the Causes of Shin Splints

A variety of situations can lead to shin splints. Even the most careful runners can experience this condition. Your doctor may tell you that your injury is caused by poor running form, inappropriate running gear or footwear, or the intensity of your workouts. Poor flexibility can also be part of the problem.

When you know the cause of your shin splints, you can take the right actions to prevent the issue in the future. Your doctor may also recommend exercises and stretches you can do as a preventative measure.

Get Treatment for Shin Splints

Rest is the most essential tool for your muscles to recover after shin splints, but your doctor may want to make sure that you would not benefit from surgery or medication as well. Diagnosis and treatment at your local walk-in clinic can be efficient and effective. Visiting the walk-in clinic helps you get help sooner so you don't become further injured.

One reason why you should visit the walk-in clinic is to be sure that you do have shin splints and not another issue. For example, shin splints may appear similar to a stress fracture or tendon inflammation. You need to know exactly what you are dealing with.

A walk-in clinic can help you with shin splints. Your doctor can ease your pain and ensure that there is no other underlying cause for your injury. Visit a walk-in medical clinic as soon as possible to make sure you are healing properly for your next run.