2 Mistakes To Avoid When Inserting An IV

Inserting an IV can be one of the most stressful things you will do as a health care professional. Not only can finding a vein be nearly impossible, but many patients bring their bad experiences into the examination room with them, which can further complicate the task of inserting an IV. If you want to put your patients at ease and ensure that you are avoiding sloppy IV insertions, here are 2 mistakes you should try to avoid. Read More 

What Can an Addiction Center Do for You?

It can be hard to admit when you or a loved one is in need of help to overcome addiction. An addiction rehab center is one source of recovery, and it is very useful for those in danger of relapse. An rehab center has several benefits over home-based recovery. Because it is such a personal matter with potential social repercussions, many people hesitate to reach out to a rehab center for help. Read More 

Want To Travel? How To Deal With Common Bladder Control Conditions While Traveling

A nice trip on a charter bus should be an enjoyable, memorable vacation. For many people, though, the idea of traveling makes them feel anxious. While some people worry about automobile accidents and getting lost, others worry about something that should seem insignificant - going to the bathroom. For some, worries are centered on making it to the bathroom in time. Others are unable to go even after waiting in line and getting into the bathroom. Read More 

A Few Of The Most Common Questions Concerning Vaginismus And Treatment

Whether brought on suddenly, or a lifelong problem, vaginismus can be a scary diagnosis to hear from your doctor after an exam or consultation. Related to involuntary muscle spasms inside of the vaginal area, vaginismus can be extremely painful, embarrassing, and could completely hinder your ability to have a normal sex life with a partner. Treatment of vaginismus is all about understanding this problem and how symptoms can be alleviated over time. Read More 

Contents Of A FEMA Disaster Survival Kit: How You Can Copy Theirs And Make It Your Own

FEMA, or the Federal Emergency Management Agency, is the nationally recognized government organization that steps in after a natural disasters or emergency situations to help victims. Since it can take over a week to gather supplies and mobilize trucks to the site of the situation, FEMA strongly recommends and urges U.S. citizens to be prepared in advance. Once FEMA arrives, they dole out supplies in the form of disaster survival relief. Read More