Foods Someone With ADHD Should And Shouldn’t Eat

Diet and nutrition can make a huge difference on the lives of both adults and children who have been diagnosed with ADHD (attention deficit disorder). There are foods that can make the life of someone with ADHD easier as well as foods that can make it more challenging. If you (or someone you care about) has been diagnosed with ADHD, it can help to know a little more about your nutrition options. Read More 

Why Is Your Toe Curling Up?

Is one of your toes becoming more and more bent at the middle joint? The toe may0- straighten if you straighten the joint manually, but will then pop back into this bent position. These symptoms can be alarming at first, but they are actually the mark of a rather common condition called hammertoe. Here's a closer look at the condition and what you need to do about it. What is hammertoe, and what causes it? Read More 

Answering Common Questions Concerning Brain Injuries

There are few injuries that can have a more devastating impact on a person's life than a traumatic head injury. Unfortunately, these injuries are often poorly understood, which can make it difficult for you to know how to proceed if you suspect one of your loved one's has suffered a head injury. Once you have had the following concerns answered, you should be in a better position for helping your loved one recover from this type of injury. Read More 

Four Tips For Purchasing Contact Lenses Online

Contact lenses can be a great purchase because it gives you the benefit of not having to wear big, bulky glasses. Instead, you can see clearly without it appearing as if you have anything on. In order to ensure that you buy the right contacts for you though, you will want to be sure that you follow the following four purchase tips: Use Your Current Prescription: If you need new contacts, but you have not received a new prescription for contact lenses in the past year, you may want to wait until the prescription is updated. Read More 

Dealing With Acne? 2 Reasons Why You Should See A Dermatologist

If you're dealing with an acne problem, it may be quite easy to think that you can handle the issue at home.  The abundance of television commercials advertising products that promise to rid you of acne forever, combined with the ease of access to medical information on the Internet can subtly lull you into thinking that you are an armchair doctor.  However, there is simply no substitute for sound medical advice, and visiting a dermatologist may prove to be highly informative and helpful in your battle against acne. Read More