Three Safe And Natural Home Remedies For Acne Breakouts

Are you tired of spending countless dollars on acne treatments that don't even seem to work that well? You may be able to treat your acne without even spending a thing. Here are three safe and natural home acne remedies that only require ingredients you probably already have at home – or can purchase inexpensively at the grocery store.

Honey and Cinnamon

Both honey and cinnamon have natural antibacterial properties and will help kill the bacteria that cause acne. The cinnamon is drying, but since the honey is naturally moisturizing, the two ingredients balance each other out. Take a tablespoon of honey and place it in a small, microwave-safe bowl. Microwave it for just 5 seconds. It should be runnier, but not hot. Add a pinch of cinnamon – don't use more, or you may over-dry your face – and mix it into the honey. Smear the sticky mixture over your face, and let it sit for about 20 seconds. Wash your face with mild, un-medicated soap, and then let it dry. Repeat this treatment daily, and you should notice your pimples subside.

Apple Cider Vinegar

In addition to being acne-prone, is your skin also oily? If so, apple cider vinegar is a good remedy to try. It will help remove excess oil, which can help ease your acne, and it also fights acne-causing bacteria. Prepare your acne-treatment mixture by diluting one part vinegar with two parts water in a small bottle. After washing your face with mild soap, apply the vinegar mixture to a cotton ball, and wipe it gently over your face as you would an astringent. Use the vinegar treatment once per day. If your skin starts feeling too dry, decrease your use to once every other day.

Green Tea

Green tea is another natural antibacterial ingredient. It is also packed full of antioxidants that will help your skin remain flexible and soft. Prepare a cup of green tea by simply pouring boiling water over a tea bag. Let it steep for about 10 minutes to ensure all of the important compounds are completely extracted. Let it cool to a comfortable temperature, and then wipe it over a freshly cleaned face with a cotton ball. This treatment is so soothing and mild that you can do it twice a day – after each time you wash your face – if you like.

When trying any of these acne treatments, remember to be patient. It might take a few weeks for your skin to adjust and respond to the new treatment. If, after a few weeks, your acne still has not gotten any better, then it is wise to move on to a new remedy and perhaps consult a dermatologist. For more information about acne treatment, you can go to this site.