5 Signs That Your Contact Lenses Are Damaging Your Eyes

If you can't see well and don't like the look of eyeglasses, then contact lenses can seem like a lifesaver. When they fit properly and are properly cared for, contact lenses can allow you to see well without having to wear visible eyeglasses. However, you should know that contact lenses can be very dangerous and can put your eyes at a serious risk, so it's important to be cautious when wearing them.

These are a few signs that your contact lenses could be at risk of damaging your eyes:

1. You Leave Them in At Night

It might seem tempting to leave your contact lenses in when you go to sleep, or you might forget to remove them by accident. However, doing so can put you at a serious risk. Your contacts and eyes can become overly dry, which can be harmful. Your contact could also shift dangerously, such as under your eyelid, which could cause scratching or other serious damage to your eyeballs.

2. You Allow Them to Come in Contact with Water

Regular water can cause serious damage to your contact lenses, which can in turn hurt your eyes. Therefore, you should always take them out before swimming or taking long showers. You should also refrain from rinsing or cleaning your contacts with water, and you should dry your hands thoroughly after washing them before touching your lenses.

3. You Don't Clean Your Case Frequently Enough

Your contact case should be cleaned thoroughly each day to keep your contact lenses clean and sanitary. Also, don't make the mistake of cleaning your contact case with water; instead, spray it out with contact solution.

4. You Re-Use Old Contact Solution

It might seem tempting to put your contact lenses back into the same contact solution when putting them in your cases, or you might "top off" your old solution with new. However, it's important to completely replace your contact solution each and every day to help prevent bacteria and germs from getting on your lenses.

5. You Don't Use a Separate Disinfectant for Cleaning

Don't make the mistake of using your saline solution to clean your contact lenses. Instead, purchase a separate disinfecting solution that is made for contacts. This will do a far better job of thoroughly cleaning your lenses.

Contact lenses can be a wonderful thing, but it's critical to take good care of them. If you are making any of these five mistakes, then now is time to see your optometrist and learn more about proper contact lens care. Then, you can continue to enjoy your contact lenses without worrying about harming your eyes.