Assisted Living Options For Couples

The pledge to remain true to each other in sickness and in health can prove challenging as a couple ages, especially if mobility or health issues make it difficult to care for one or both members of the marriage at home. Fortunately, there are many options for couples to remain together as they age. The following may work for your situation. Independent Resident Living This option works well for couples that are generally in good health both physically and mentally, but that are beginning to suffer some reduced mobility that makes it difficult to remain in fully independent housing. Read More 

Are You In Danger Of Hearing Loss?

If you don't work in environments such as race tracks, airports, or in a heavy industrial setting, you may think that you have few risk factors for compromising your ability to hear. However, according to the CDC (Center for Disease Control), sounds above 85 decibels over a period of 8 hours or louder sounds over shorter time periods can cause hearing loss. There are many other sources of exposure to sounds that exceed a level that is considered safe for your hearing. Read More 

Is Your Child’s Asthma A Constant Problem? Who To See

If your pediatrician has diagnosed your child as having asthma, but the inhalers and medication they prescribed aren't working as you would like them to, it's time to see a specialist. There are many reasons why you'll want to find a specialist who works with asthma specifically (such as one from The Regional Allergy Asthma & Immunology Center, PC), and you may want to consult some other professionals as well. Here are a few of the appointments you want to make to get down to the bottom of your child's asthma problems. Read More 

In Chiropractic Care For Back Pain? Make These Seating Adjustments

A chiropractor can turn a painful, out-of-alignment back into one that maintains the natural curvature and doesn't cause pain — but to get the best results from your sessions, you'll need to be mindful about the positions in which you place your back during everyday life. While proper posture is important when you stand, it's absolutely imperative to sit in a healthy position. This is especially necessary if you find yourself sitting for long stretches of time during the day. Read More 

Arthritis In Your Hands? How To Cope

Arthritis is really an umbrella term that encompasses hundreds of inflammatory disorders, but the name points to one simple truth: pain. Arthritis can attack you in any joint, but when it occurs in your hands and wrists, simply completing daily tasks becomes a real challenge. Although your condition cannot be cured, you do have a number of treatment options.  Exercises Physical and occupational therapy can be extremely beneficial for those suffering from hand arthritis. Read More