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How To Stop Recurring Strep Throat In Children

Children tend to get strep throat a lot. It's an easy illness to catch and children are not exactly known for their hygiene skills, making preschools and playgrounds breeding grounds for infections. However, there are some children that will catch strep throat more than usual, to the point where they are catching it six to seven times a year, making it recurrent.  This is a problem, especially for children who need to go to school regularly in order to ensure that they do not fall behind. Read More 

Dental X-Rays: Detecting Six Potential Problems

For some dental patients, x-rays are the most uncomfortable and irritating part of a routine office visit.   When dental x-rays are taken, patients typically need to remain in uncomfortable positions for extended periods of time. Also, many patients are uneasy about getting frequent dental x-rays because of the idea of being exposed to radiation.   However, dentists routinely take x-rays of patient's teeth for a variety of important reasons. X-rays are used to detect all of the following issues that are important to detect and treat early to avoid severe complications and discomfort: Read More 

What To Do When Non-Invasive Treatment Doesn’t Take Away Your Back Pain

For many, clinics such as Beltline Chiropractic can alleviate back pain or even eliminate it completely. However, sometimes there is a special case. If your doctor has tried various forms of treatment such as physical therapy, anti-inflammatory drugs and back braces, but your back pain persists, then it's time to look at surgical options to remove the pain. A laminectomy is commonly done to repair bone and tissue in your back. Read More 

Attract Families With Kids In Sports To Your Urgent Care Center With Family-Friendly Features

When faced with an after-hours sports injury, parents must decide whether to take their children to the emergency room or an urgent care facility. The severity of the injury, their proximity to a medical facility and insurance coverage will all affect whether parents decide to go to the hospital or an urgent care center. These aren't the only factors they'll consider, though. If you run an urgent care center, you can differentiate your facility from emergency rooms by providing family-friendly features that will entice parents to bring their injured children to your practice, rather than the hospital. Read More 

What to Do If You Feel Sore after Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is designed to help you heal from your injury, so you might wonder what is going on if you actually find yourself in pain after your sessions. Some discomfort can be expected during and after physical therapy, but this doesn't mean that you should have to feel miserable after your appointment. These are a few things that you should do if you find that you are sore after your treatment. Read More