Using CBD Tinctures to Manage Your Chronic Symptoms

Taking CBD can be an extremely effective option for individuals that are wanting the benefits of using medicinal cannabis without the intoxicating effects. One of the most convenient solutions for individuals that want to start taking CBD regularly will be to use tinctures. These solutions are highly concentrated CBD that can provide patients with fairly rapid results after taking it.

Consider Whether You Intend to Take the Tincture With Food

There are numerous flavoring options that are available with CBD tincture products. When you are assessing potential flavors, you may want to consider whether or not you will want to mix the tincture into food or beverages. In these situations, you may want to avoid using flavored tinctures as this could limit the range of foods and beverages that you could mix with the tincture to get the desired results. Conversely, if you are planning to primarily take these tinctures directly, it can be important to choose a flavor that you will personally find appealing.

Keep the Tincture Cool When You Aren't Using It

Storing a tincture is not particularly difficult, but it will require you to effectively store these substances. Otherwise, they may degrade before you are able to use the tincture to treat your symptoms. One of the most important aspects of storing the tincture will be keeping it in an area that will be relatively cool. This can limit the risk of the heat causing the tincture to separate or for the CBD in it to degrade. While you will want to keep the tincture cool, you will also need to avoid actually freezing it. This could also contribute to the tincture degrading to the point where it may no longer before effective.

Hold the Tincture Under Your Tongue For at Least a Couple of Minutes

If you are planning to use a tincture by placing it under your tongue, it is imperative to hold it under the tongue for at least several minutes. While the skin under the tongue is rich with blood vessels and capillaries, it will still take several minutes at least for the CBD to be able to be absorbed through the skin. By waiting at least a few minutes, you can allow for as much of the CBD as possible to be absorbed before you swallow it. While some of the CBD will continue to be absorbed after you swallow it, it can be a faster solution to have the CBD absorbed directly into the bloodstream from beneath the tongue.

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