Is Your Child’s Asthma A Constant Problem? Who To See

If your pediatrician has diagnosed your child as having asthma, but the inhalers and medication they prescribed aren't working as you would like them to, it's time to see a specialist. There are many reasons why you'll want to find a specialist who works with asthma specifically (such as one from The Regional Allergy Asthma & Immunology Center, PC), and you may want to consult some other professionals as well. Here are a few of the appointments you want to make to get down to the bottom of your child's asthma problems.

Asthma Specialist

An asthma specialist is going to study the symptoms and triggers of your child's asthma, and help find the right medication that is successful at treating your child. This way you can feel confident when they are at school or away from you, and when they have to use their medication and you aren't there. The specialist works with asthma every day so will be up to date on new medications and treatments, and there are even pediatric specialists for this condition.


Allergies may be a trigger for your child's asthma, and you may not even realize that your child is suffering from a great deal of allergies that are around your home or in your area. Have the child see an allergist so they can get full allergy testing completed, and so you can work with the allergist to eliminate a majority of the allergy triggers in your child's surroundings.


The child may not just have allergy and asthma problems, but there could also be concerns with their immunity. You may want to have your child seen by an immunologist to see if their body is having a hard time fighting off basic germs, allergens and conditions, which is contributing to the problems with their asthma, and causing the asthma attacks that they suffer from.  

Your pediatrician may not be able to treat these specific problems that your child is suffering from, and you'll want to get a referral so you can have the child looked at by the experts who know how to handle your child's condition. You may find out that the child's problems are all stemmed from one type of allergy, or that they have a respiratory that needs to be addressed, not an asthma problem. Don't hesitate to get expert treatment any longer and find a specialist that can target and treat your child's breathing struggles and issues as soon as you can.