Reasons To Consider PRP Hair Restoration Treatment

There are many reasons people find themselves losing hair. It could be nothing more than genetics. Then again, the cause of the hair loss could be a dysfunction of your immune system, poor diet, or even hormonal changes. No matter the reason, if you would like to get a healthy head of hair back, you might want to consider PRP hair restoration treatment. Some of the reasons to opt for PRP, or platelet-rich plasma, therapy include: Read More 

The Hazards Of Dull Dental Curettes & How Curette Retipping Works

If you are a private practice dentist or run a dental center, then you likely take pride in providing patients great dental care and also offering hygienists a great workplace environment. However, you may be surprised to hear that one key to maintaining patient satisfaction and dental hygienist workplace satisfaction is simply keeping your dental instruments, including your curettes, sharp.  Read on to learn about the hazards of using dull curettes, signs a curette is too dull to perform properly, and how to always keep sharp curettes on hand without spending a fortune on dental instruments. Read More 

FAQ About Taking The HIV Prevention Pill

HIV is a highly transmissible STI that eventually leads to AIDS, a condition in which the immune system shuts down. Luckily, HIV treatments have come a long way in the past few years, but another big advancement has also been made along the lines of HIV prevention. There is now a pill you can take to prevent yourself from contracting HIV. It's called PrEP, which stands for pre-exposure prophylaxis. Here are a few questions you might have about PrEP before you use it. Read More 

What To Know When You’re Getting Ready To Enter A Weight Loss Management Program

Today, 70.2% of people in the United States are overweight. This is a matter that deals with so much more than just your physical body. Obesity puts you at risk for harmful diseases, can affect your mood and state of mind, and doesn't allow you to feel as comfortable in several everyday situations. If you desire to lose weight and are willing to put in the work, never do it by yourself. Instead, find a weight loss management program that can help you out. Read More 

Questions You May Have About Scoliosis Surgery

Scoliosis surgery is performed by realigning curved vertebrae as much as possible and fusing them in their new and improved alignment. After the operation, instead of having curved, separate vertebrae you will have a straighter section containing multiple vertebrae that make up a solid piece. Your spine will still move normally in the areas above and below the fusion, so you should still be able to do all of the things you did before the surgery once you have completely healed. Read More