Healing After Limb Surgery

Undergoing surgery for any part of the body is something that people usually try to avoid at all costs. However, sometimes the only way to treat certain conditions is via surgery, which often leads to a lot of pain and a long healing process. The problem is even worse when it is a limb that had to undergo surgery, as they are needed for performing many of the common daily tasks. If it has been a while since you underwent surgery for one of your limbs and the pain is still severe, you might need to find ways to speed up the healing process. By doing some of the things that are detailed in the content below, you might be able to heal from surgery faster.

Seek Help from a Physical Therapist

Did your physician tell you to see a physical therapist after the limb surgery procedure was performed? If so, and you didn't follow his or her orders, it is likely why the healing process is taking so long. Patients are usually referred to physical therapists after surgery because it helps with reducing the amount of inflammation, which leads to less pain. Physical therapy is also a great way to keep your limb active, as not moving it for a long time can make the condition worse. A therapist can perform several techniques to assist with the healing process, such as performing a strategic massage on the injured limb.

Start Spending Time in a Hot Tub

Using heat is a great way to promote healing after undergoing surgery. By sitting in a hot tub several times per week, you will notice a positive change in how your limb feels. Keep in mind that hot tubs are also used as a form of natural treatment by physical therapists every now and then. The jets that are in a hot tub can be used along with the hot water for promoting healing. The jets are helpful because they provide a gentle massage to the body if sitting close enough to them.

Try Not to Overuse Your Limb

Although it is wise to go to a physical therapist to receive assistance with moving and exercising your limb, it is important to not overuse it. For example, if you have a job that requires using the limb a lot throughout each work day, ask for a less physical position until you have healed. Overusing a damaged limb can cause harm that leads to you needing to seek medical attention. 

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