Tips for Getting Your Medicine from a Pharmacy Faster

There is nothing worse than going to the pharmacy to pick up some of your medication only to see that there is a long line that is sure to lead to your being late for work. However, you've got to get your medication. Here are some tips for getting your medication from a pharmacy faster and avoiding the long, frustrating waits.

1. Call and Pick Up Your Medications Before Nine

In many areas, doctors start calling pharmacies around and after nine in the morning. This slows down pharmacy operations and can make it difficult for you to get your medicine quickly. In order to avoid this, call the pharmacy before nine. This is almost always when business is a lot slower. You won't have to be on hold long to speak to a pharmacist to call in your medication, and your line should be shorter when you actually go to pick the medication up. If you think that your prescription was filled automatically, still be sure that you call ahead to make sure that it is there so that you don't accidentally miss a trip.

2. Clarify Anything on Your Prescription Before Leaving the Doctor's Office

Make sure that you look at your prescription before letting the doctor leave the room. You want to be sure that the dosage is easily readable and that the drug itself will be able to be identified by the pharmacist. Anything that is hard to read will require a call to the doctor's office which will cause you to have a slower experience getting your medications. If the prescription says "as directed," this means that the pharmacist will not give you as many instructions because he or she assumes that the doctor has already spoken to you. If you see this on your prescription, you want to make sure that you have a clear understanding of how to take your medication before leaving.

3. Consider Getting Your Medicine Delivered

Finally, consider getting your medication from an online pharmacy and having it delivered directly to your home or apartment rather than going to pick the medication up. This is best if you have a medicine that you have been taking for years and know how to take without doctor's instructions. Home delivery can save you a lot of time.

For more about this topic, talk to a company that specializes in pharmaceuticals. They might have some direct delivery options that you are not yet aware of.