Pros And Cons Of The Fat Transfer Procedure

If you are looking to get injections in certain parts of your body or face, you might want to think about a fat transfer procedure instead of a dermal filler. This procedure takes excess fat from one part of your body and injects it in another part of your body. There are many benefits to the procedure, but also some drawbacks you should be aware of. Before you have the procedure done, consider these pros and cons.

Pro: The results look very natural

Since you are using fat that comes from your own body, instead of using an organic substance, the results tend to look much more natural. This is especially true when you are getting a breast or butt augmentation. Other methods of augmentation often use fillers that don't always look the most natural, and don't feel like real breasts. With fat transfer, the procedure is much safer and you will love the way it looks and feels.

Con: It is a time-consuming process

A common downside to the fat transfer procedure is that it takes more time than regular filler procedures. This is because there are two main steps of the procedure, including extracting the excess fat tissue, then filling it in another part of your body. Depending on how much fat is removed, this might not be done on the same day, so that is another thing to keep in mind.

Pro: You get the opportunity to have liposuction done

You might have areas of your body with excess fat that you want to have removed, but also want other parts of your body to be augmented. This is one of the primary advantages of the fat transfer procedure, since you get to do both. Extracting fat from one part of your body is similar to liposuction, but then you can control where you want the fat to be added to get the figure you want.

Con: It is an expensive procedure

Another drawback to be aware of is that because of the added steps, fat transfer does cost a little more than traditional filler procedures. You are paying for the extraction of the fatty tissue and then to augment a part of your body with that tissue, which is more of a complicated process than just a dermal filler.

Make sure you research the doctor (like those at Regenerative Cell Institute) well beforehand and know what techniques they use. Modern techniques allow for more natural results and a shorter recovery time.