Oxygen Made Easy: Bags That Help Your Child Carry Their Oxygen Tank

Supplemental oxygen has been stigmatized as something individuals may need when they are older, however the need for an oxygen tank can happen to anyone. Those with blood issues, or even diabetics may need to be prescribed oxygen. If your child is in need of oxygen therapy and thereby needs an oxygen tank, this may seem like a daunting task for someone who has not yet reached adulthood. Fortunately, there are ways to make carrying oxygen easy to remember and to perform. Here are three types of bags that allow children to carry oxygen without a second thought.

Use a backpack for easy remembrance

Most school age kids are used to carrying around a backpack. School typically requires taking books and homework to and fro, so taking a backpack daily is something that children get used to. If you want to make carrying an oxygen tank quick and easy, place the oxygen tank inside of a backpack.

Oxygen tank backpacks can be purchased from many suppliers and tend to look thinner than other backpack options. These will be simple and easy to place on the shoulders of your kid without any extra fuss. As a special treat, get the oxygen backpack embroidered so that they can easily tell the difference between a school bag and an oxygen backpack.

Messenger bag carrying case

For an older child or young adult who wishes to have a clean cut look, messenger bag styles are the perfect method for carrying all odds and ends. Everything from computers, files, and miscellaneous necessities from home and work can be thrown into a messenger bag for easy access. Since messenger bags are often cross body bags, the weight of these purses is more distributed across the body. Oxygen can be placed into a cross body bag for easy carrying. Messenger bags are good for older children, as they can be mindful of not twisting any of the cords.

Fanny pack attachments

If you have an active child despite the oxygen, they will need a hands free method for carrying around a tank. For active children and adults with small, short tanks, a fanny pack with an attachment for the tank works wonders. The fanny pack allows the oxygen to be attached to the waste with no need for use of the hands or the rest of the body. Children can participate in all school and extracurricular activities with two free hands and no weight on their shoulders with the use of the fanny pack. For more ideas, talk to a professional like Home Medix Inc.