First Responder Tips For Using A Portable Ultrasound Machine In The Field

With the rapid advancement in medical technology, more and more first responders are being given access to valuable tools such as portable ultrasound machines. Using a portable ultrasound machine allows first responders to more quickly and accurately diagnose medical problems in the field. In addition, the portable machine can be used to assist with procedures such as IV placements and intubations. While portable ultrasound machines are low-cost and easy to use, professional training is very important. Read More 

Teach Your Teenage Daughter That She Should Rely On More Than Birth Control Pills

It's difficult for most parents to accept that their teenagers are becoming sexually active, but it's important that you avoid being in denial so that you can be a valuable ally to your teen. For teenage girls, a supportive parent may encourage them to visit the doctor to get a prescription for birth control pills. However, your work isn't necessarily finished after you know that your daughter is successfully on birth control pills. Read More 

Spider Vein Injections Can Improve The Appearance Of Your Legs In A Quick And Safe Procedure

Spider veins are small veins near the surface of the skin in your legs. They're not as big or as deep as varicose veins, but they can still be embarrassing if you like to wear shorts. Sclerotherapy is an effective treatment for spider veins that has a long history of use. If you're uncomfortable with the appearance of your legs because of spider veins, you should talk to your doctor about sclerotherapy. Read More 

What Is Plantar Fascial Fibromatosis?

If you are noticing that you are having pain when you are walking, you should go see your doctor to see what's going on. They may tell you that what you have is plantar fascial fibromatosis, also called Ledderhose disease.  Plantar Fascial Fibromatosis That name sounds like a mouthful to say, but it has nothing to do with your mouth, it's all about your feet. The bottom of your feet is the plantar surface. Read More 

Researchers Race To Find Suitable Software That Addresses Patients Who Have Dense Breast Tissue

Dense breast tissue in women is a conversation that has been taking place in the medical community for a long time. Dense breast tissue is of concern because breast cancer cells take cover deeply in the density of women's breasts when they undergo annual mammogram testing. You run the risk of your breast cancer metastasizing in a year if your cancer is not discovered early. Researchers are searching for an efficient MRI software to address this issue in order to ward off the risk of advanced breast cancer. Read More