Preparing For Doctor’s Visits To Get Accurate Results

Going to see your doctor regularly is so important, especially as you get older. Having your blood pressure checked, your lungs listened to and having a complete exam can help to catch ailments early. Here, you'll learn how to prepare for your next doctor's visit to ensure you get the most out of the time spent on the table.

Skip the Coffee

Yes, most people need that morning cup of coffee to get going, but if you're headed to your doctor's office for an exam, skip the coffee. Drinking coffee can have a significant impact with the readings that your doctor will use to diagnose any health problems you may have. Coffee can cause an increase in blood pressure and heart rate, so if you drink it before the appointment, your doctor may diagnose you with high blood pressure when in reality, you just had a big cup of coffee.

Wear Short Sleeves

Oftentimes, your blood pressure is taken before you get into the exam room. Wearing a short sleeve shirt will allow the staff to take your blood pressure more accurately. To get an accurate reading, the blood pressure cuff should be directly on your skin. Taking your blood pressure over a shirt can also make your blood pressure appear to be many points higher than it really is. This could result in a mis-diagnosis.

Write Down Questions

Keep a small note bad nearby while you're living your daily life. Whenever you think of something that you need to ask your doctor, or something that concerns you, write it down. Many people don't remember all of the things that they need to discuss with their doctor until they've left the appointment. Writing down any symptoms that you've been experiencing, questions about the diet that you're following or even any concerns that you have about the medication that you're taking each day will help you keep your doctor informed with what's going on with you. This will make it easier to catch anything that is wrong early and give the doctor the opportunity to begin treatment or run more tests.

Get the most out of your doctor's visits by knowing how to prepare for the appointment. Hopefully, the information that you've found here will help you to get the treatment that you need long before your health is at risk. Your actions can mean the difference between a mis-diagnosis and getting the help that you do need. Contact a clinic, like Choice Medical Group, for more help.