Trapped By Addiction? Break Free With Inpatient Recovery Treatment

Addiction presents one of the most difficult struggles any human can face. It consumes you and the people you love, often with disastrous results if it is left untreated. Surveys show that of the 2 million Americans struggling with addiction, only 3% will actually be able to get the help they need at an inpatient facility. If you are trying to overcome your addiction and are offered a chance to be in that 3%, you should consider the benefits of inpatient treatment before you make your decision.

Recover In The Best Possible Environment

Inpatient addiction recovery facilities offer you the chance to overcome your withdrawals and stay sober while supported by a stress-free and encouraging environment. Breaking an addiction is a physically and emotionally draining process, and when you are left in the same stressful conditions that caused you to become addicted in the first place, it can be far more difficult to stay clean.

Staying in a residential treatment center also offers you the chance to escape harmful peer pressure while you quit your unhealthy habit. Addicts often form friendships with other addicts, and while your friends may be good people, their drug use could trigger a relapse in you if you are exposed to them during your sensitive recovery period. The supportive and separate environment in a treatment facility can help prevent you from feeling pressured into a relapse.

Benefit Greatly From The Focus Of Your Doctors

In an inpatient facility, you will be closely monitored by a team of doctors and nurses with the sole goal of making you well. This team will help you make it through withdrawals as safely and comfortably as possible, and will provide you with the follow up therapy and support needed to help you stay clean. Facility staff can help you form a new pattern for your life that includes healthful habits, regularly taking any new prescribed medications, and positive thinking to stave off a relapse.

At an inpatient facility, your therapist can see you daily, and there is always a medical professional available to help you when you need it. Having a doctor available to advise and support you can make a world of difference compared to trying to quit your addiction at home, with only a weekly doctor visit, or no medical support at all.

Leave Residential Care With A Strong Foundation For Your New Life

When you are ready to leave a residential treatment center, you will already have a month or even several months of sobriety under your belt. Having the confidence to know you can be happy and healthy without needing to abuse substances can help you prevent yourself from using them again. In fact, patients who stay in a treatment facility leave with almost twice the chance for long-term sobriety and face lower risk of relapsing.

Staying in a residential care center with an available therapist and medical team can give you a stress-free environment to develop the life skills your addiction may have taken away from you. When you stay for a month or more under supervision and guidance, you can learn to cope with your problems in a healthy way, without abusing drugs. These life skills will carry you through the years after you leave your treatment facility and make it easier for you to proudly live a sober life.

Even if you have already tried to break your addiction through outpatient treatment and failed, don't give up! Inpatient care can help you become stronger and train yourself to live a positive and sober life. The supportive atmosphere and constant supervision will make it much easier for you to escape your substance addiction and grow into a healthy, sober person. You deserve to be happy, so don't be afraid - seek help for your addiction today starting at